Creekside Love!!
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Thursday, July 26, 2018
By Terri Adams
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LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this session. Phillip and Reba were amazing to work with, they did everything that I asked them to do with a smile and a giggle!  

Reba's night started like any other work night... {Enter Phillip} Obviously when Phillip saw Reba, he was smitten with her.  She bats her eye lashes and he tried to play it cool.  Fast forward to today, so much love between these too.   Phillip, though soft spoken through our session, was so sweet to Reba.  He guided her and helped steady her walking on the slick rocks.  Reba snuggled right into Phillip every chance she got and relaxed right into him.   It is in the little moments that so much love can be seen.

With this session I got to try out a new location...totally in love with it by the way!... and play around with some editing styles.  This is something that I have wanted to do for a while, I just haven't had the time and quite honestly, the motivation.     I got to help style the couple and following through with a vision for the session, and seeing the finished product...PERFECT!    I have completely loved this process and I can't wait to do some more sessions like this!

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