Littlest of Loves

Newborn Photography Experience :: At Diamond Photography we want you to have the newborn photography session of your dreams- and that starts with us.

Safety :: Posing a newborn safely takes years of experience & skilled training.  Not only are Diamond Photography babies comfortable, but they are the sole focus of our images.  We are able to soothe & pose your newborn in ways that mimic their positions in the womb accompanied by peaceful, sleepy- sometimes smiling- faces.

Booking & Planning :: If you are pregnant- it’s time to book!  We are a highly sought after photography company & our availability is limited.  Once you know your due date- let’s get it on our schedule too!  Because babies are the boss when it comes to being born, a few blocks of time will be reserved around your due date.            Sometimes clients don’t think about a newborn session until they are holding a smushy bundle of joy in their arms.  That’s okay.  Contact us anyways.  The flexibility needed in scheduling the littlest of models means that there may be a slot for you to snag!         Within 24 hours of birth- contact us.  We will solidify the perfect date & time to have you come to the Diamond Photography studio in Fort Branch IN to create memories.

Time :: Plan on 90 minutes to 2.5 hours total for your newborn session.  We limit session times to ensure that newborns don’t get overwhelmed or stressed.

Consistent Quality :: Check out our galleries and blog posts to see our most recent work. We are proud to deliver beautiful colors, flawless posing and fabulous fresh ideas.

Just Before You Arrive

Keep your newborn awake for 2-3 hours before our session time  ::  Give a nice big feeding immediately prior to leaving your home  ::  Bring along any sentimental items (heirlooms, wedding rings, etc).

Product : Packages include premium high-resolution digital images with a signed print release.  This means you will always have the freedom to make as many prints as you want, at the sizes that you need, when you need them.    Your images are uploaded into an online viewing gallery within 14 days of our session- often sooner!

Cancellation : Please provide a minimum of 48 hours notice to transfer your deposit onto another date or time.  Rescheduling will be a priority, but is subject to availability.