Well Hello There!
I'm Terri with Diamond Photography!   I live, work and play in Southern Indiana.  Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to hang out.  I look forward to photographing you soon!   
Tuesday, September 25, 2018

There are people that come in and out of our lives and when you meet the right one...you just know.    "We sat in the same pew at church for years and never spoke to each other." They spoke...finally, and the rest, well it is history.  I had an absolute blast photographing Ashley and Connor's engagement session last week.  They laughed and snuggled through the entire session.  At one point I asked Connor to look at the camera and smile and his response was "I just want to look at her all the time."  This was just one of the sweet moments that they had through out their session.    I can't wait for their wedding in a couple of weeks!  

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life, LOVE brings you a fairytale.  Oh man you guys, I loved shooting and editing this session.   I had the best time with Cynthia and Tyler at this location last week. We talked and laughed our way through the the water, woods, mud and slime and it was so fun seeing how playful and silly they were around each other.   I knew how easy and natural their session was going to be from the minute we met up! They were both beaming and smiling ear to ear and that’s exactly how the session continued to go! I love when clients feel way more like friends and we’re constantly chatting in between poses and walking from location to location.  My heart was just melting during their entire shoot. They are the SWEETEST couple and they snuggled and giggled the entire time I was shooting, whether I posed them or not!! That’s a photographers dream right there!  You can see how much they love each other in every photo I took and I couldn’t be more in love with these two!!!  I hope that Cynthia and Tyler love their photos as much as I do! There is one special photos tucked here just for Tyler, I call it The Fabio.   

Garrett :: GS Senior
Monday, August 13, 2018

Meet Garrett. He is a senior at Gibson Southern.   If you know anything about Titan Nation you know that football players are dedicated to their team.  It only makes sense to do some senior photos at the football field. While at the field we did some photos using my lighting system and some with out.  Doing this allows Garrett and his family to have a wide variety of images and styles to pick from.  Since Diamond Photography LOVES to offer a lot of variety with senior sessions, we did a couple other locations as well.  We split the session into a morning and evening session since the lighting at the field is best in the evening.   Garrett, it has been great capturing this time in your life.  I wish you the best as you finish one chapter and begin another.   You will accomplish everything that you set your mind to! 

Creekside Love!!
Thursday, July 26, 2018

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this session. Phillip and Reba were amazing to work with, they did everything that I asked them to do with a smile and a giggle!  Reba's night started like any other work night... {Enter Phillip} Obviously when Phillip saw Reba, he was smitten with her.  She bats her eye lashes and he tried to play it cool.  Fast forward to today, so much love between these too.   Phillip, though soft spoken through our session, was so sweet to Reba.  He guided her and helped steady her walking on the slick rocks.  Reba snuggled right into Phillip every chance she got and relaxed right into him.   It is in the little moments that so much love can be seen.With this session I got to try out a new location...totally in love with it by the way!... and play around with some editing styles.  This is something that I have wanted to do for a while, I just haven't had the time and quite honestly, the motivation.     I got to help style the couple and following through with a vision for the session, and seeing the finished product...PERFECT!    I have completely loved this process and I can't wait to do some more sessions like this! 

Passion Projects
Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I have had times since starting my business that I have lost focus of being creative, trying new things and shooting what I am passionate about.  When I lose focus on these aspects, photography feels like work.  I don't want my work to feel like work...that's no fun. That being said, I am doing Passion Projects.    These are sessions or style that I have pictured in my mind but haven't followed through with.  My Passion Projects will benefit all of my clients and since these sessions will focus on a theme, style or idea I am offering them in kind of a mini session way, and more details will be available with each project.  My first Passion Project will be based on families.  Yes, I photograph families all the time, but a friend sent me this blog post:  Eighteen Summers : It's all we get.  This blog hit me hard, it made me think a lot about my own life.   I mean I know my birds are only in the nest for 18 years but its seems so short when you say it out loud.  These summer days can seem so long!  The kids fighting, the "i'm bored" being chanted every 15 minutes and the  "take me" and "get me" that seems to be yelled non stop.   At the same time, these days fly by! Days laughing by the pool, family cookouts and movie nights, I could take these days forever.  Soon the sibling fights will ...